#WeTravel - Jacqueline

Jacqueline, UK

“A funny travel experience?  Probably when we were in some islands in Thailand and our boat started filling up with water.  Us farangs (tourists) started screaming at the driver ‘go to the shore, go to the shore!’ and all of the locals were really calm, putting limes in the holes, and not at all fazed by the fact our boat was sinking. 

One of my favourite experiences was the motorbike route we did in Laos.  That was just amazing, going to all the rural areas and seeing everybody there was just lovely.  In Koh Rong in Cambodia we swam in the dark with the phosphorus and plankton, which was amazing.  And of course, Thailand too for the nursing I was doing there. 

I’m going to Borneo to work for a charity building watchtowers to protect the orangutans from palm oil trade and deforestation.  So basically I’ll be living and working in the jungle for 5 weeks where they’ll be no electricity and we’re not even allowed to wash in the lake without covering ourselves with a sarong.  So it will be a challenge, definitely!”