Robin de Lestrade - Tokyo, Madagascar, Morocco


Robin is a French photographer whose cloudy shots of Morocco I spotted whilst cruising around some creative sites a while ago on the internet.  He has an extensive portfolio of images that he’s taken on his travels, from wider country projects like Japan and America, to more specific galleries like his Peugeot 1935 bike collection and a coffee shop gallery complete with perfectly frothy lattes. They all have a smoky atmospheric timeless quality to them, and you're not quite sure which decade the people or landscape have been captured in. They're really quite special, take a look below for yourself...


Salut Robin.  Where do you live?

I live in Boulogne-Billancourt in France.  I work in advertising, I’m not a photographer; I take pictures when I’m on holiday, or at the weekend.  For me it’s a hobby when I have time.  It cleans my brain! 


You've been to lots of places... do you have a favourite country?

I love Japan, Madagascar, Texas and New Mexico.  Madagascar because it is pure, the people are very cool, the landscape beautiful and the food very good.   Texas because for French people like me it is like a movie, and New Mexico because it is very photogenic. 



 Do you exhibit your photographs?

No, I just have a website and Tumblr so put them all up there. 




And favourites?

Yes I have some favourites, like the below ones:


Tell me, where do you get inspiration for your photos from?

My inspiration comes from just looking at people, things, places and moments that I’m in.  Life is a bit like a photography book.  There are instants that can pass you by, and in 100th of a second it’s gone.  I like to capture these moments.  I’m not very patient, which is why there are none of my pictures are planned, so my photos are a point of view for just an instant.



So where’s next on your list?

I’d like to go to Iceland,  it looks totally otherworldly, like another planet. 

Check out more of Robin's photos.  Seriously, just do it, they're amazing: