Lino Russo - Architecture in Naples

Lino is a third year graphic design student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.  His project ‘Skymetric’ has been circulating round the internet and for good reason too – concentrating on travelling round his home city, he explores the architecture of it in a different light.  The results are simple, clean images with bright happy colours that instantly boost your mood.


Ciao Lino!  Tell me about your Skymetric project...

Skymetric is an academic project.  I’m studying to become a graphic designer, but I wanted to create a photo series with a graphical element.  I was inspired by the works of Franco Fontana and Matthias Heiderich

The series looks at geometry through architectural structures.  I wanted to decontextualize the architecture to have the focus on colours and precision of the lines.  


The series has been very popular! Why do you think it appeals to so many people?

I put it up on Bēhance (the leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work) because I thought it was an appropriate platform but I never imagined all the success on the web. 


The pure uninterrupted colour gives off a sense of happiness…it makes me smile!

When I started the project I wanted to find another aspect of my city. Naples isn’t only Baroque and Classical Art, it’s much more!

People aren’t quite sure where the photos have been taken: they think perhaps Berlin, London or Madrid.  When they find out it’s Naples they’re taken aback, which makes me happy to have created something that surprises people. 


So what is inspiring to you?

I am an observer, so I’m inspired by everything around me.  But I think most of my ideas I have come at night.  Night and silence are, for me, the perfect union to create something.


There are so many different types of architecture around the world.  What countries would you like to visit that you think would have interesting architecture and design?

I’m particularly fascinated with Barcelona and London, but outside of Europe I’d like to visit Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai, Chicago and Japan.  Dubai because it’s a city that was built right out of the desert and now has buildings springing up like mushrooms – it shows man’s challenge against nature.  Beijing and Shanghai because they represent the ‘promised land’ of international architecture: cities that in a decade have completely revolutionized and become a giant of global economy.  Chicago because it has the Aqua Building, the first skyscraper which is an incredible structure. And finally Japan – I read somewhere that you can tell the hierarchy of the buildings by the shape of the roofs in Japan. 

To have a look at Lino’s portfolio have a look over here: