Event Photography.

They are a big deal. A whole load of hard work goes into putting on an event. There are so many small important details which have taken an age to organise and go towards the smoothness of your event. I've organised so many events over the past while, and I get it, I really do! 

I like to capture an event like a fly on the wall. Lots of observational and candid shots of speakers, participants, attendees, conversations, high-fives and laughter. The main pieces of the events AND the smaller details that shape it. Everything that goes together to create the whole story.

Event photography Iā€™ve done include conferences, (and unconferences) workshops, PR launches, auctions, team days-away, film, tv & commercial behind-the-scenes and all out fully unleashed parties.

Event photography rates start at $400. Please contact me to talk about your specific needs.

Available in Vancouver and further afield.