#WeTravel is a new project to explore how travel plays a part in everyone’s life, and how all sorts of people get to know and appreciate the world in different ways.  Exploring and travel is something we all have in common – whether you choose to seek out tiny parts of the world off the beaten tracks or whether you love your own country and want to see everything it has to offer.  Even if you're happy in your comfort zone you still travel, albeit down to the corner shop to pick up some milk.  You are shaped by your experiences, which in turn can help to shape others experiences.  So here is the very first entry for #wetravel

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Michael, UK

"My favourite country is the United Kingdom.  No, it's probably Canada just because it’s so similar to UK but not the UK. I don’t like the economy in the UK so it’s kind of the next best one.  The people are good in Canada.  I've only ever been once but I really liked it. I’m planning on doing a year there next year so it must’ve made a mark on me because I’d really like to go back. 

Leeds is my favourite city, I can’t leave it.  I was born and bred in Leeds.  I’ve been asked to move shops because I’m a tattoo artist but I can’t seem to leave Leeds fully, I always go back.

I’m learning Arabic at the minute. I smoke a lot of sheesha, and I’d say that 40% of my friends are Arabic so they’re teaching me."