#WeTravel - Ken

Ken, UK

"My daughter moved to New Zealand some years ago so we’ve travelled out there a couple of times and made full advantage of seeing lots of other places en route.  They’re very much into leisure industries in Australia and New Zealand.  One of our nephews went over and worked in Australia for nine months, but he found it all a bit too much, and ended up spending too much time on leisure activities and not getting on with life and saving a bit of money.  Everyone went out and that was their way of getting through the day.  Hong Kong is totally different – they’re all about business and work 24/7.  You can go out and see a market opening up at 10 o’clock at night.  I’ve not lived anywhere else apart from England.  I’ve looked at the options.  A good English pub and that suits me fine.  I’m an English man at heart.”