#WeTravel - Sally

Sally, America

When I was two we moved to Africa, so as a kid what I appreciated the most were holidays to go back and see family and friends.  Wed do things on the way, like we went to Jamaica on the way back from the States once, and when we first moved to the UK afterwards, we went to Copenhagen for three days as we had to leave the country to get a visa.

Living in a different country means having the opportunity of really getting to know a city and understanding what it means to live and work and operate as part of that society – finding your favourite coffee shop, getting to know the people in a real sense, and making connections with people.  Its about building connections and networks across the world; both time and place friends, as well as lifelong relationships with people who will continue to contribute and add meaning to your life for years to come.    

To me travelling is a chance to see and learn something new, take you out of your current context and reflect on past, present and future.  I love the idea of a holiday where I can enjoy both having an adventure with somebody, and also have time on my own where I can reflect and enjoy moments too.  I love wandering cities and exploring by myself so an ideal holiday for me would combine the best of both.