#WeTravel - Nick

Nick, Australia

“In the next two weeks I'm going to buy a car and go busking around Europe.  I love busking, it gets your music out there and it’s been the most exposure I've ever had as well as a real character building exercise.  I feel like I can set up on any corner in the world and just sing, be 100% comfortable, make money and sell CDs within the hour which I couldn't have said two months ago.  I've been playing guitar for 20 years and professionally for nine, and this is the most honest way of performing I've found.  There’s something really humbling and confronting about setting up on a street corner and just singing.  It’s not like at a gig where people are obliged to listen - on the street if people don't like it they’ll keep walking, but if they like it you’ll have 20 people crowded around you and £100 in your case before you know it.  I just went to Oslo recently and had a love affair with Norway.  The live music there was phenomenal, and the people and country blew my mind.  I love you Oslo. Please have me and my babies!”  

(listen to Nick's amazing music here)