#WeTravel - Matteo

Matteo, Australia

"I went to India on a work trip - we were doing an editorial for Vogue Australia for 10 days.  I really enjoyed India, but it’s not for everybody.  It can be quite overwhelming, so you need to be open minded to go there.  Scary would be the taxi drivers there.  Driving to the airport at four in the morning on a remote highway in pitch black we had to swerve to avoid a mass of dirt on the road multiple times.

Being in a helicopter is quite scary actually because you’re vulnerable.  In New Zealand I was in one when it was cloudy and overcast.  When the winds pick up you can be thrown around. 

My first holiday would’ve been 3 hours from our house in Australia in a coastal town called Ulladulla.  Being an Italian family there was a ton of cooking which always went on."