#WeTravel - Matt

Matt, UK 

"When I was younger I worked in a Kibbutz for a year and worked as a fisherman in France. My Kibbutz was in Nazareth in Israel. I drove tractors and worked on the cotton plantation. I was in a dead end job and a mate of mine went out there. I was sat in a pub and said ‘I’ll tell you what, I’ll come with you next week’, which is how I ended up there. Nazareth was different, and it’s very different now too. Their world is very segregated, the Jewish and the Palestinians. The Israeli’s would allow them to build a house near the Kibbutz and then decide it was too close and so they’d plough it down. The two don’t mix. It’s like being on  the planet mars. In the end you get drawn into it and you have to sort of pick a side. France was more interesting - I broke my arm there working on a fishing boat and had to swim ashore with my arm just dangling there. That was good. In the end, two girls picked me up on a pedalo and peddled me in and I came out of the sea like Dr. No.”