#WeTravel - Luke

Luke, UK

"I don’t really attach a lot of significance to travel.  I travel a lot with my business so my view on it is slightly jaded - I go in and out of places quite quickly and don’t get a holistic view on the country.  There’s a lot of glamour attached to business travel and from the outside looking in, it is really glamourous, but actually doing it is quite tiresome sometimes.  I do feel very privileged to be able to do it though.  I’ve been to the Philippines and Japan recently.  Japan in particular was really cool, full of good people and very diverse in culture.  It was great fun, the karaoke bars in particular. 

I've just come back from a 3 week road trip over California.  I’ve got a short attention span so I enjoyed going through lots of different places and meeting all different kinds of people in one trip.  If I had a month to go anywhere I’d probably go to Australia because it’s diverse and you can do a lot of stuff, you can get involved in more activity based things.  It’s westernized and I get that, but having gone to the U.S I think that activity based holidays are more suited to my personality."