#WeTravel - Jim

Jim, UK

Travel is a big part of my life.  Im Irish and have lots of family in Ireland, so I go over there a lot, as well as Brittany in France a couple of times a year.  I moved to England about 35 years ago, but Id say there are a few things I miss about living in Ireland.  Its a nicer pace of life and people tend to be friendlier.  London though?  Its got so much to offer culturally, and its so easy to get to places around the UK too like Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.  I think travelling is crucial for opening the mind and not being too isolated and xenophobic. My two sons are not closed about seeing other cultures.  Well, apart from a little bit on food – theyre not too keen on eating snails and frogs legs!  But theyve been travelling from a young age.  I think its very good for children – they get used to the fact that there are other countries and other cultures, and that theirs isnt the best.  It might be different but its not necessarily the best.