#WeTravel - Inessa

Inessa, UK

“My life for the past 2 years has been dynamic, vibrant, ever changing, exciting, and I’ve loved it.  I have camped, backpacked and couchsurfed across Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and California.  I’ve just come back from the Maldives where I was teaching and on Friday I’m going to Portugal.  Five years ago I thought I’d be settled down in a mundane 9-5 office job wishing I could be someone else, but instead I’ve been there.  It makes me feel happier, calmer and like a better-rounded person.  My old neighbour has had 2 kids who are now at primary school, and still live in the same one bedroom flat and I’ve just been doing stuff that is so different - we’ve literally come from the same landing in the same estate but we’ve gone in such different directions.  Life is whatever you want it to be: take control and make it happen.  Right now I am going to take a break from travelling and hopefully earn good money in a reasonable amount of time, reinvest part of that money and then every single holiday break I get from my job I’m going to make sure I visit a new country somewhere in the world.  I'm going to start colouring in my world map.”