#WeTravel - Emily

Emily, UK

"My last holiday was to Mustique, a tiny Caribbean island with tortoises roaming the place.  You rent buggies to go around and have to watch out you don’t go over a tortoise.  I stayed in a house that was built by David Bowie in the 90s.  It was the most beautiful place in the world. 

I loved seeing the proboscis monkey’s in Borneo.  I went there about four years ago and saw orangutans in the wild and went on night walks in the jungle with elephants - crazy stuff.  I always wanted to hug a baby orangutan but apparently you can’t do that – we were told we could look but not touch!

In 2006 I needed to just get away, and thought the furthest place to go would be Iran, so I got on a plane and went round the desert with my mum who’s Iranian.  The country is absolutely beautiful.  People are really hospitable and friendly and have great fun in their houses.  There’s one image I’ve got in my head of a sea of women in the desert.  I’m not sure what it was but something was going on, and this sea of women in black chador’s were looking at it.  It was a bit of a haunting image that’s just stayed in my head.  Iran is an amazing experience – when you take off your headscarf on the plane on the way home you feel like you’ve entered a different world."  

Maxine Bulloch#wetravelComment