#WeTravel - Cynthia

Cynthia, UK

“I don’t live that close to my granddaughters but I see them every weekend.  They haven’t been on holiday yet but we’re planning on going to Camber Sands.  It’s on the beach, and we’re going to stay in a caravan park, see the seaside, build sand castles, and eat ice cream and fish and chips.  Two years ago I went to Tanzania which was very nice.  I stayed there for six weeks, visiting family and friends. They’re more chilled out in Tanzania whereas here it is a very stressful way of life: everyone is rushing to do something.  For someone who’s looking to travel to Tanzania I’d say be cautious and wear sensible and respectful clothes.  Be careful about the food.  It’s very nice and organic, but you still have to wash it.  Other than that, enjoy!   I don’t have another trip planned, but I’ll work for a few more years, save up and have another big trip then.”