#WeTravel - Cecile, Sophie, Simon, Louann & Benoit

We Travel - Cecile, Sophie, Simon, Louann, Benoit - France.jpg

Cecile, Sophie, Simon, Louann & Benoit, France

"We are travelling for a year.  We began in Mongolia and then spent three months in China and then Vietnam for seven weeks, Cambodia for one month, Thailand, and now we are in Myanmar. 

We stayed in the same place in Hoi An for two weeks and we had time to meet lots of people and children.  Sophie met a boyfriend in Vietnam called Go. They rode bicycles together.  We also spent three weeks on an organic vegetable farm.  We tasted vegetables that we didn’t know about and made necklaces from chilli’s.  We took care of pigs and goats and rabbits too and sold apples in the market."