#WeTravel - Carmela

Carmela, Canada

“I’m currently doing a cooking programme in France.  I’m doing the first three months in Cap d’Agde, learning French as well, and will spend four months afterwards on an apprenticeship in Gordes, which is a charming, beautiful old cobbled stone village built into the rocks.  There is a movie called ‘A Beautiful Year’ starring Russell Crowe that was shot there.  When my course is finished I would like to get a cooking job here in France.  It will be a bit difficult because I’m Canadian, I don’t speak the language very well, and I don’t have a lot of experience, but I will try, and if I can’t, I’ll try somewhere else in Europe.  I like living in different places because you get a better understanding of the place.  It’s a good challenge.  What I’m seeing in Europe is new in my eyes, and everything is beautiful – the art, the history, the buildings…all of it.  I appreciate the beauty that each place offers, but I also appreciate the beauty that Canada offers, it's just different.  I think it’s good to experience that because it helps you grow.”