#WeTravel - Alice


Alice, UK

"I lived in Buenos Aires a few years ago.  Living somewhere is different to passing through, and I felt really lucky to get to know a city so well.  For the same reason India was quite memorable because I spent quite a lot of time there. 

I studied Spanish at uni.  It opened up quite a lot for me and meant I could socialise with people who didn’t speak so much English, and understand what people were saying when I was sitting on the bus. I could eavesdrop on people’s conversations!  I made a very close friend in Buenos Aires who I met through a friend of a friend. She introduced me to a lot of people and we shared an amazing experience.  We’ve still got a really strong friendship through that. 

I’d love to live somewhere else in the world.  Part of me wants to go back and live in Buenos Aires but there are other places to go.  I’d want to go somewhere where they speak Spanish or English.  As a teacher it’s quite good because I’ve got a lot of options to teach abroad.

My clothes I have on now? My gloves and bag are from Bolivia and my earrings are from India."