Travel by Sketch

I've been really excited for the past few months because I've been working on 'Travel by Sketch' - a collaborative project with Ed Walsh, an illustrator friend of mine who has recently picked back up his pencils after a long hiatus caused by a childhood of begrudgingly drawing birthday cards for elderly relatives.  

We wanted to explore how our two different mediums of photography and sketching can work together, and decided to use rural and urban settings I'd photographed from my travels and make dreamlike scenes with animals and figures that Ed would use his magical skills to sketch and paint. 

What has resulted is something we're very happy and proud of - an elephant who comes face to face with a dog along a beach in the Scottish Highlands, and a stork who struts through the reeds of a water village in Myanmar. There is a girl on a trapeze in the middle of a forest and a cheeky little orangutang who is hanging from a blossom tree.  There are two men: one lonely urban night time walker, and one accidental explorer hiking down a dusty road; and there is one elderly woman who works in the fields digging for a single flower.  There is an elephant spraying water from his trunk whilst wandering through the London suburbs, and a flock of birds flying high above snowy mountains in the Isle of Skye.  The little monkey who sits at a golden pagoda looking up at a snake is a favourite.  


If you want to see any more of Ed's amazing work check out his Instagram account here.  And we have some more ideas we're working on at the for now we present you with 'Travel by Sketch':