The Wellness Show - health, wellbeing and fitness in Vancouver


The Wellness Show took place last week and I went along to check it out. The health & wellness industry is something I’m super interested in, and especially in my move from London to Vancouver have noticed the difference in the quality and quantity of conversations around these subjects, as well as accessibility to services and products to support people in looking after their physical and mental wellbeing.

The Wellness Show took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and with over 250 exhibitors there was a ton going on. Three businesses in particular caught my eye. Check them out below! All three of them stood out because of their take on creating an innovative solution to a problem, and their passion that’s gone into creating their very much impact-driven businesses.

The Happy Hygienist

Meet Kim! Kim is the owner of The Happy Hygienist practice that’s based in North Van. She opened the Dental Hygiene Care Centre in October 2018 because after 20 years, it became hard for her to work for people who didn’t resonate with her philosophies.

Kim, owner of The Happy Hygienist. Photo credit: Maxine Bulloch

Kim, owner of The Happy Hygienist. Photo credit: Maxine Bulloch


In Kim’s own words:

“There is a lack of holistic care in the dental industry. I believe to produce the best results for overall health and well-being, you must look at the whole person. Stress can impact the health of your mouth, and vice versa, signs of disease in your mouth can implicate other health issues in other parts of your body. Having healthy gums and teeth contributes to overall health. Providing an environment that is serene is important in my practice. Clients can relax and feel comfortable to discuss dental issues, whilst not feel rushed or pressured into treatment. I respect that people know what feels right for them and their body so it is their decision to choose treatment that works for them and it’s my mission to provide that thorough, personalized care with a soft touch.

When I’m cleaning someone’s teeth, I am looking at everything... all the soft tissues and feeling around every tooth. If I notice any compromises in the enamel, I recommend going to see the dentist. If I notice signs of clenching in the soft tissues and TMJ issues, I may recommend going to a chiropractor, massage therapist or another alternative therapy depending on the situation. I have had situations where people share very personal stories, so I can also recommend counselors and intuitive healers. Every person is different as are their issues so I try to find the right modality that fits that particular circumstance.”

Helene and the Girl

Helene’s booth was filled with beautiful art pieces that she has drawn as part of her coaching and therapeutic art business. Helene has a background as a clinical psychologist and dance therapist, and has lived in 6 different countries - Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mexico, France, Latvia, and arrived here to Canada 6 years ago. When she got to Canada, Helene realised that getting registered as a psychologist would be an issue and so decided to certify from UBC as an organisational coach and worked for a parenting program at the Canadian Mental Association.

Helene, owner of Helene and the Girl. Photo credit: Maxine Bulloch

Helene, owner of Helene and the Girl. Photo credit: Maxine Bulloch

With her business ‘Helene and the Girl’, Helene adopts a modern take on traditional therapy with a holistic and creative approach, and her mission is to empower women by co-creating better self-care and wellbeing when life issues and transitions are challenging.

The type of clients Helene loves to work with are mature and experienced women including parents, professionals, relocated, expatriate and immigrants who need to recharge their batteries in self-care, self-confidence and self-esteem in a creative way.

In Helene’s own words of how she works with a client:

“I employ a holistic approach that incorporates frameworks from my previous experience as a psychologist with more current modalities such as a coaching approach and therapeutic art. Each experience is personalised and it’s important to me to meet each client where they are in a nonjudgemental and safe way. Guiding women through life challenges, building resiliency and employing the pillars of self-care are the main focus of my services, and I provide resourceful and practical tools as needed. My illustrations of the Girl that I paint are a powerful tool to facilitate safe conversation and create new insights.

Find more info about Helene and the Girl and upcoming events on Facebook and Instagram.


Brush Naked

Brush Naked create 100% biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes. They’re beautiful, environmentally friendly and come in a range of colours and sizes for adults and kids. The company was launched in 2014, and they have just launched bamboo straws under the name “Sip Naked”.  


I’d never actually seen bamboo straws before. As plastic straws start disappearing there have been lots of metal, glass and silicone alternatives available, and now (or maybe I’m late to the game)...bamboo!

Sean, Founder of Brush Naked said, “Bamboo is truly a wonder plant. It’s technically a grass, so you can cut it down and it will grow back. It can completely regenerate in four years. It doesn’t require the use of pesticides or irrigation and is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.”

Plans for the future for the ‘Naked’ group of products include eco-friendly dental floss before the end of the year, and more eco-friendly straw options such as smaller wheat-based straws. Reusable travel mugs are also in the mix for future offerings. Stay tuned to their announcements on their Instagram pages! @brush.naked and @sip.naked &

Bamboo straws by Sip Naked. Photo credit: Maxine Bulloch

Bamboo straws by Sip Naked. Photo credit: Maxine Bulloch