Cheese & Beer have no fear

Everyone loves cheese!  I held a cheese & beer pairing event with ACHICA and the scrumptious and very well established Paxton & Whitfield.  Original trade of this wonderful cheese business started way back in 1742 where goods were sold in Aldwych market, later moving to a shop in the wealthy part of London, closer to their growing client base.  

Step into the shop and you're immediately hit by possibly the most potent cheesy aroma I think I've ever experienced.  There are hundreds of types of cheese along the counters, and all sorts of accompaniments lining the shelves - books on cheese, beautiful boards, crackers, hampers, chutney...balanced on huge waxy cheese wheels like a big cheesy smorgasbord.    

Conventionally, it's been wine and cheese that have been explored in pairings, but the Paxton & Whitfield boys had other ideas, and we sampled eight UK brewed beers with caerphilly partnered cheeses... From champagne bubble infused beer to a smooth chocolatey stout that went beautifully with creamy stilton there was a diverse range of flavours, all complimenting the cheese to a varying amount.  Personal favourite was without a doubt the 'Rachel' cheese, a washed rind goats cheese described as 'sweet, curvy and slightly nutty' - hello cheese epiphany.