A Canadian road trip, some seals, and a bear

I've recently moved over to Vancouver, Canada. It's a pretty pretty city, if you can even call any city pretty. Mountains are visible from wherever you are, there are beaches, and the whole place feels airy and light and spacious. Not a tube or tube rat in sight! (No offence London). I've got myself a bike too, and even though I've been told it is the ugliest bike on the streets of Van, it's my hog and it helps me explore so I love it.

I've been here two months already, and took a trip over to Vancouver Island last weekend. Road trip! We drove and drove and drove all the way to the west side of the island to Tofino, the self proclaimed surf capital of Canada which is this crazy little tiny town filled with surfers and surf shops, and whilst I don't surf got a few pics of friends who played with freezing cold Mama Ocean.

We saw the very top of some whale backs in Tofino too. And sealions. And bears. BEARS! And two tiny little bear cubs! Whilst I didn't manage to get any sort of good picture of the bears I've put one below so you can see its wiggling nose for yourself. Doesn't she look so cute? It was very cool seeing the bears who had come down to the waters edge to find dinner and snuffle around.  

The scenery of Tofino was beautiful and the layered hills seemed to go on forever. I can't wait to explore more of this huge country.