3 things to consider when you’re planning your impact-driven event from a photographers point of view


I’ve put this blog post together with the view of helping to hone in on details that really add to the impact piece of planning an event. Whether that be a workshop, networking event, conference, or team get together, the three tips below are ones that can make a big difference in positioning your company, and in turn how it is perceived and valued from the inside (team members) and those outside the team - clients, customers, cheerleaders, and importantly, future clients, customers and cheerleaders.

One of my main considerations as an event photographer for impact-driven companies is taking photos that best show the ‘impact’ angles of the company. Because if you’ve spent all that time organising an event, there will be photos taken by a photographer or attendees and you want to make sure you’re sending out the right message. Not just to those in attendance but to those who were not in attendance and see the event solely through the photos that were taken. I have highlighted the tips below as being super important because they all affect the image of the company and when you’re looking to translate the story and values of your business I see them as key pieces to take on!

Tip no. 1 - drink container alternatives

I believe this is the biggest and easiest piece to address!

If you’re providing refreshments to your event attendees please consider alternatives to plastic water / juice bottles! Even if the plastic bottle is recyclable it does not translate well in photos. When photographing events I always aim to avoid capturing these types of containers if they are present (which can be challenging as they end up in clean sight everywhere) and they just don’t represent ‘impact’. I posted a poll on a Zero Waste Facebook group requesting ideas for alternative water container options and got some great suggestions! Check them out, they’re super helpful:

Water alternatives.jpg

Here’s the link from the post about The City of Vancouver with details about their water fountain and water ‘wagon’ rental.

They also provide waste and recycling totes for your event as well as equipment such as bike racks, and signage. An amazing resource!

Tip no. 2 - food partners

If you’re working with a food company that you love and they align with the values of your business I suggest that their branding is very clear and in a number of places around the food area or visible in the venue. Brand association is mutual brand love! Have whatever is suitable - cards, a banner, branded platters. Clear signage gives guests and the photographer ample opportunity to get a variety of photos that tell the story and also provides the opportunity for the food company to share your photos and posts too. Win win.

Visible branding from  Railtown Catering  taken at  Pique Ventures  investors event (photo credit: Maxine Bulloch)

Visible branding from Railtown Catering taken at Pique Ventures investors event (photo credit: Maxine Bulloch)


Tip no. 3 - what exactly is the impact piece of your business? How are you standing out in your industry?

Whatever it is, is there an opportunity to show this with visuals at your event? For example…

  • You have a service that has taught 1,000 kids how to cook healthy meals. Can you have a wall of fame with photos of the kids and food, written testimonials, a station with one of the kids serving out the food at the event?

  • You are a product company that manufactures compostable coffee pods. You could create an area in the venue displaying the materials used, you could pile them up into a pyramid shape….you could hang 200 of them from the ceiling as decoration…. I’m only kind of joking but hopefully you get the message!

That’s it, my top 3 suggestions for how to elevate the impact pieces of your business when you put on an event. Again - these are all from my perspective as a photographer and how you can easily create opportunities to translate your values into visuals.

Would love to hear any other suggestions - please comment below if you’ve seen any great ways companies have shown their impact at events!