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I moved from London UK to Vancouver Canada in 2015 and adore calling this beautiful city home.

The journey that’s led me to be here, as a photographer for impact-driven companies and passionately committed to working with them started with

  • anthropology, that led me to

  • public relations that brought me to Canada where I

  • ran photography workshops for recently arrived refugees and immigrants, and youth that led me to

  • operations and partner relations at a Vancouver based business incubator that worked with impact-driven entrepreneurs in launching and growing their business that

  • got certified as a B Corporation that had me

  • fall passionately into what it means to be a purpose-driven company and

  • decide to work as a photographer with these companies creating branding photography, portraits and event photography.



What is an impact-driven company? Good question my friend. In a nutshell it’s a business that's doing good. That cares about the 3 p's: people, planet, profit. I cover this more in a blog post here.


I focus working with impact-driven companies and certified B Corporations because I believe every company has a responsibility to play a part in creating a healthy, fair and sustainable world.