Photo by  Sachin Khona

Photo by Sachin Khona

I moved from London UK to Vancouver Canada in 2015 and it was in my first 2 days when I was down at Granville Island surrounded by pigeons huddling from the rain under a roof that I knew I wanted to stay here for a while. Let me be clear! It had nothing to do with pigeons or rain but that’s just the exact time I can pinpoint knowing that Vancouver would be somewhere I could call home.

—— A few tidbits for you if we have yet to meet… I love: hot yoga (so PNW yah?); learning about people and what makes them tick; collecting tropical plants (I’m buying a new plant every 2 weeks, it’s getting a little out of control); wearing and photographing colours and patterns; watching a good improv comedy show and belly laughing ——

What's kept me busy in the past has been public relations, business development, partner relations and photography workshop facilitation. My focus since moving to Canada has been on working with impact-driven companies, and I’ve had the privilege of supporting many of these as well as certified B Corps during my 2 years at business incubator, Spring Activator.

Fast forward to now and my passion is supporting impact-driven companies with their narrative storytelling through photography. By taking a strategic approach to creating a brand narrative my goal is to create images that will support and grow the business bottom line, which is ultimately your main driver to thrive and make a difference.

I am based in both Vancouver, Canada and London, England and my goal is to work with impact-driven businesses and B Corps across many different cities.




What is an impact-driven company? Good question my friend! In a nutshell it’s a business that's doing good. That cares equally about the 3 p's: people, planet, profit. We’ve entered a time where more companies that not are recognizing that success is not just the size of a bank account but the impact they are having on our planet; the training, development and well-being of their staff and how they are contributing to the wider community with the work that they are doing. There has also been a big push with the recent generation of young adults entering and growing up through the workforce who specifically seek to work for businesses whose decisions will benefit the world. The shift is tangible. I cover this more in a blog post here and spotlight companies, news and initiatives over on my Instagram page.


I focus working with impact-driven companies and certified B Corporations because it matters to me that people get to make a difference in what’s important to them. We spend much of our time working, and if we are working on something that is making a positive impact on the world then we can hang up our hat at the end of each day and feel proud.

And none of the ‘fluffy stuff’ by the way - it’s the figures and data that businesses collect that actually show what has shifted and that goals have been hit, products sold, money contributed and lives changed.

In turn, photography and supporting businesses that are working to make a difference is what I’m passionate about. Imagery defines how a brand is perceived and celebrated and ultimately contributes to the bottom line of business, supporting you in your growth, revenue and the impact you're making on the world. I'm committed businesses have images that are a catalyst for their growth.